The historic sandstone architecture of the doppelganger city surrounded by thick jungle

Discovery of doppelganger Newcastle throws city’s name into question

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a team of researchers trialing satellite imaging technology stumbled upon a ‘copy’ of Newcastle in the rainforests of Oaxaca, Southern Mexico. The doppelganger city appeared to have sprung up out of the trees, seemingly overnight.

Archaeologists are puzzled; There is no record of the doppelganger in the area, yet preliminary carbon dating would suggest some of the buildings can be traced back to the first century AD, which would place it as being older than Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, by at least 100 years.

Historians, planners, and the local bureaucracy are now locked in debates over the naming of the ‘new’ city. In meetings conducted over Zoom, one councillor suggested it be named “New Newcastle”. He was counterpointed by the data presenting it to be an older city than the ‘original’, and that Newcastle, Tyne and Wear should instead be renamed fittingly. “Oldcastle” was suggested too, although it was observed that the castle in the city is still the newer of castles situated there, and such a name would not accurately reflect local history. Tensions grew between attendees when one local government official suggested the city be named “Nuevo Castillo”, as it is technically a Mexican city. This angered several representatives of the local indigenous population who wished for the city to be named in one of the many small local languages. This debate was halted by the revelation that all signage in the city was in fact in Standard English.

At press time, a representative from the UK Government confirmed the government is looking into the legality of exercising jurisdiction over the city and the rain forest, and was quoted as saying: “It seems like as good a time as any to get the band back together and get the Empire back up and running. I mean, that’s our city, why shouldn’t we gain free license to use all the natural resources in that rain forest?”

As of yet no name has been decided on for the doppelganger city. Researchers are still trying to determine the process by which it so suddenly appeared, and why a copy of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne would spring up in the jungles of South Mexico.

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