Luthers Bar (previously Mens Bar) in the SU

Why have they locked-me-down-and-out of Luthers bar?

I get why they cancelled lectures, I get why they closed schools but I, just like the scores of students who used to pack out our favourite watering hole each night, wake up crying “when can we go back to Luthers?”

They have the best pints of Guinness I’ve ever drunk, I know the tinned stuff is almost as good as the way they serve it, but I miss the signature metallic taste of a Luthers’ pint. Where else serves it lukewarm, headless and in a plastic pint pot, just like the Irish intended? I would go so far as to say it is the best pint of Guinness anywhere on earth, and I would know, I once spent a weekend in Dublin and had a single pint of it at the airport.

But the cocktails – who can forget? No other bar could ever compete. Who needs an Old Fashioned when you can have a jug of wine spritzer or a double gin and Tango!? But it was the Diesel which kept the buzz of the electric atmosphere going each night, like some crazed machine. Just like Henry Ford (who invented petrol or whatever), the dude who first mixed lager, cider and ‘black’ should be regarded as one of the great minds of the 20th century. I and all my mates would drink it by the gallon each night in the bar, packed-out not just with white t-shirt socials but the regular student crowd who were totally in there too, each and every evening.

To those who say Luthers has become rough and rowdy lately, at least you could never say it has ever locked up early. (Until it did – for three months.) It is frankly appalling that as other places open up, the regulars of Luthers continue to be locked out and forced to drink with their mates on Zoom. I think I speak for every student when I say we all want to be in a grey concrete basement, listening to loud music you can’t control. I for one am going to camp out in a tent by the foot of the door until we’re let back in! I think Martin Luther himself would join me in my support of this – the protest we really need right now.

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