Edgy comedian who “not afraid to joke about anything” sticks to same three subjects

A local comedian who prides himself on “pushing boundaries” spent another set talking about the same three things he’d been making jokes about for the last five years, sources have confirmed.

He kicked off his latest special with a searing segment on political correctness, in a comic Tour de France. That’s not a typo, it was just incredibly long, and for some reason really appealed to your dad.

He then related to the audience at length that he isn’t easily “triggered”, before spending half an hour whinging about safe spaces. We’re confident in addressing him as “he” because of how little he cares about pronouns, which he also explained in forensic detail.

The comedian then went on to talk about the importance of free speech. He didn’t have the time to mention censorship in Hong Kong, but thankfully was able to address the much more pressing issue of how some people had criticised his tweets.

His reputation as a contrarian is well-earned on the special, where he proves himself willing to disrupt some of the fundamental maxims of comedy. Specifically, the one that says it should be funny.

Writers at The Lampoon are committed never to turn to the dark art of contrarian stand-up, except for literally any amount of money.

The stand-up special which this article reviews is available on Netflix, somehow.

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