Osborne Road bar shocks customers with happy hour that only lasts an hour

Jesmond residents have been left stunned after an Osborne Road bar has announced details of its new ‘happy hour’ offer – and it only lasts an hour.

The Bar – as the watering hole is affectionately known, whose tagline is “we don’t fuck around” – shocked punters when it unveiled its radical new signage this morning.

In comparison to its counterparts on Jesmond’s bustling main road, The Bar limits its happy hour to just sixty minutes. As a result, guests have to drink fast if they want to make the most of the half-price cocktails.

Osborne Road regular Johnny Bierman didn’t know what to make of the development.

“It’s shocking. I can’t believe how much they’re trying to rip us off compared to the other bars on the street, which have happy hours lasting at least three hours. A happy hour lasting only sixty minutes is bloody ridiculous.

“More than anything I just feel let down. They’re really wanting to milk us, but we’re not that stupid.”

The Housemartins were said to be equally shocked, exclaiming: “Don’t believe it (it’s happy hour again)”.

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