Katie Hopkins makes directorial debut with Triumph of the Will 2

Following its announcement at this week’s BAFTA awards, Triumph of the Will 2 is already in hot water on social media. Some fans of the original are fearful that Katie Hopkins’s directorial debut will not live up to the 1935 original.

Many fans have welcomed the decision to bring in a female director, a tradition started by the first film. However, Hopkins’s credentials as a serious filmmaker has been brought into question.

Image made with pictures from cursedshirts on Instagram and Stephen Mangan on Twitter
Image made with pictures from Stephen Mangan and David Baddiel on Twitter and Wallpaper Flare

For other fans, the nature of the sequel, which is as yet unclear, has sparked worries that the long-awaited continuation will be a ‘soft reboot’ or ‘soft remake.’

Image made with pictures from Geoff Norcott on Twitter and JD Hancock on Flickr

While series fans seem cautious about the shock sequel, the Argentinian studio Webeleine, who are bankrolling the project, hopes to inject money into the country’s failing film industry. In a press release, Webeleine stated that the film was “a fantastic opportunity for Argentina as a whole, and Bariloche especially.”

As the release day gets closer, The Lampoon will endeavour to keep fans updated on the latest sequel news.

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