Opinion: I am not whereing a mask and here’s why

I am writing this article in order to address some of the disgusting alligations that I have recently read about people who refuse to give into fear and where a face mask.

I should say, at the out set, that I am not someone who believes everything that they read. I do my research, and I think that what I find is very interesting compared to what we are told by the govenment and by jornalists.

Neither I or my children where masks when we go shopping or for a walk in the park, which is something of which I am extremely proud of. Not for us the blind obedience to Parliament or wealthy doctors determined to keep us all afraid and unquestioning.

My not whereing a mask does not effect you in any way. You’ve got your mask, which you apparently believe so very strongly in, so why should you care what I do? I certanly don’t pay attention to how you conduct yourself, after all.

And yet, despite this supposedly being a free nation, I am set upon by all sides whenever I choose to voice this opinion, which I might add that I do very rarely. The moment that someone finds out that I have decided to use my own intelect to research this alleged pandemic and have come to my own conclusions, it’s like they think I’m some kind of anti-vaxxer. “You’re putting your children at risk,” they roar at me through my computer screen. “What if you infect someone because your not whereing a mask?”

To those people, I say, how do you know? The only answer, reallistically, is that you do not. You have blindly accepted what you have been told, and some faint awareness of your own limited intelect has caused you to lash out at someone who dares to ask “but what if it isn’t?” Throughout the history of the world, great discoveries have been made by people who question what they are told. I’m not one to put myself forward, but I am one of those people. And if the price I have to pay for holding the findings of these experts and scientists to my own rigoros standards is being called a “spreader” or a “idiot” or a “terrible mother”, then that is my cross and I bare it gladly.

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