8 Government Approved ways to keep busy during a second lockdown

If there’s a second lockdown, it’s important for everyone to feel safe. To stop the spread of Covid-19, we have to spend time apart from friends and family.

Students, notorious in their social gatherings, are a particular point of concern for the government – but there are certainly ways to follow guidelines and still have fun this autumn. To highlight this, we’ve compiled a brief list of government-verified pastimes for those in education in the event of another lockdown.

1. Crack open a book

Who would want to go outside when a wealth of knowledge is waiting for you on your bedside table? Pick up some literature this autumn and open up your mind to brand new possibilities. Remember – it’s best to remain alone in your own home to do this.

2. Pick up a new hobby

Always wanted to play the guitar? Maybe learn to crochet? (NB: crocheted masks are not clinically approved.) Juggling? Any of these options and a few more are on the table, as you will have an abundance of time to learn something new. Outdoors hobbies or any activities involving multiple people are strongly discouraged.

3. Focus on fitness

Let yourself pack on a bit of weight over the first lockdown? Worry not, you still have plenty of time to spend getting back into shape. Either work out at home or go to the gym where dozens of others work towards the same goal! Go alone, though.

4. Drink alone

Nightlife and parties have long been a staple of student life. This time round, we have to do things a little different – but don’t worry, you can still binge drink to your heart’s desire, just make sure you do it in-doors without visitors. Keep your head up, champ!

5. Return to education

It’s not all doom and gloom for those of you who are still at school – things are essentially back to normal! You don’t have to worry about socially distancing – it’s education, for heaven’s sake! No mask? No problem. Go out there and enjoy yourself, kidda’.

6. Support corporations

Some out there can’t be as fortunate as you this autumn – wasting away, losing their very essence of life. I’m talking, of course, about large corporations who rely on your money for their very survival. Don’t selfishly forget to go out and support your country’s industry! You could also support small businesses, I guess.

7. Pick up some extra cash

Students are infamously broke, but you will still need plenty of money to support businesses this autumn, so get back to work! Plenty of places are looking for a helping hand in times like these. Supermarkets, factories, care-homes and other busy industries should be your first port of call.

8. Remain subservient

In challenging times like this, we require the complete support of the people. Keep your head up, smile, and, whatever you do, for the good of the people – don’t question anything. God save the queen!

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