Nation preparing for SNL skit where Pence and Harris battle rap or whatever

The nation was left reeling today in the aftermath of the US Vice Presidential debate. Criticised as vacuous and featuring Mike Pence talking, horrified viewers realised they would have to watch it all over again on Saturday Night Live.

This time, though, it would be through the lens of “satire”.

“I just know the musical guest will be Ice Cube, and he’ll team up with Kamala Harris and they’ll both turn to Mike Pence and sing Straight Outta Fucks to Give,” a concerned viewer told The Lampoon.

The skit promises to be made all the more unbearable by the show’s hoards of centre-left liberal fans. In fairness, it’s easy to confuse holding Pence to account – a homophobe who works for a ‘performative fascist’ – with being snide on Twitter.

The writing process for the sketch comedy show is a closely-guarded secret. Insiders claim an AI is made to read a hundred knock-knock jokes, and then talk to your aunt who wants Michelle Obama to be president.

Afterwards, it is made to write a hundred pages of script. The final product is selected from the ten smuggest pages.

The ten least funny pages are sent straight to The Toon Lampoon, as a sort of charity. The ten funniest pages are burned.

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