Keir Starmer uses quotation from former WCW Champion Scott Steiner in Newsnight interview

In a passionate interview on last night’s Newsnight, several political commentators noted that one of Keir Starmer’s statements had been, in fact, a quotation from former WCW Champion, “Big Poppa Pump”, Scott Steiner.

Responding to a question from Lead Presenter Emily Maitlis about his electability and that of the Labour Party, considering the role that former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is said to have played in the Party’s 2019 electoral loss to the Conservative Party, Keir Starmer stated,

You know they say that all men are created equal, but you look at me and you look at Boris Johnson and you can see that statement is not true. See, normally if you go one-on-one with another politician, you got a fifty-fifty chance of winning. But I’m a genetic freak and I’m not normal! So you got a twenty-five percent, at best, at beat me. Then you add Sir Ed Davey to the mix, your chances of winning drastic go down. See the election, in 2024, you got a thirty-three and third chance chance of winning, but I…I got a sixty-six and two-thirds chance of winning, because Ed Davey knows he can’t beat me and he’s not even gonna try!

So, Boris Johnson, you take your thirty-three and a third chance, minus my twenty-five percent chance and you got an eight and a third chance of winning at the next General Election. But then you take my seventy-five percent chance of winning, if we was to go one on one, and then add sixty-six and two-thirds percents, I got a hundred forty one and two-thirds chance of winning the election. See Boris, the numbers don’t lie, and they spell disaster for you at the General Election.

Downing Street has so far not issued a response to Keir Starmer’s statement, nor any comment on the question asked in the House of Commons by Tory MP Ben Bradley: “Mr Speaker, If you believe, like me, that feeding children is something only a virtue-signalling communist would care about, gimme a hell yeah.”

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