Opinion: we should burn down the shoe tree

One doesn’t need to look too far to find mechanisms of oppression. Everyday things that many take for granted may stand for an oppressive system in which they are mere cogs.

A prime example of this is the shoe. A shoe imprisons the foot, and acts as a restriction, holding it in place and tying us down to the ground.

It stands to reason, then, that monuments to this oppression should be torn down, as monuments to any oppression should be. And what better example of a monument to the oppressive nature of shoes is there than the Armstrong Park Shoe Tree?

Students, weary from wearing oppressive shoes, often throw their shoes into the air, much like a graduation cap. At one spot, so many students threw up their shoes in exasperation that a cluster of shoes began to form, and an entire tree was eventually covered by shoes.

The objects of oppression, the shoes, have merely been passed on to the trees, tying them down. Man has merely passed the oppression on to nature. To finally rid the environment of oppressive shoes we must burn down the shoe tree itself. In doing so, we would be getting rid of those foot-hiding horror contraptions once and for all in a long black smoke.

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