Remainer admits that being proved right after four years “not quite as good as being member of EU”

In an exclusive interview with The Toon Lampoon, an avid supporter of Britain remaining within the European Union admitted that having their warnings of food shortages and economic turbulence be proved correct is not as satisfying as still being a part of the European Union.

“I’ve got to say, the rush of dopamine I got when Johnson came out and said that No Deal is the most likely outcome was phenomenal,” said Alasdair Grenville, a long-serving Remain campaigner, “but, after rattling off a few Twitter replies to Conservative MPs and other Brexiteers, I felt a kind of emptiness. It was like even the thrill of being right with such a huge portion of the country telling me that I was wrong wasn’t as good as economic security and the ability to buy avocados at any time of year.”

Grenville is just one of the many Remain-supporting individuals who have reported mixed feelings at the prospect of a No Deal Brexit. Amelia Blakehorn states that imagining Brexit supporters struggling to afford food for their families gave her a warm glow for almost six hours. “After the second bottle of Taittinger, however, I will admit that the prospect of crashing out of the EU with No Deal did start to bring my mood down a little.”

On the other side of the political debate, a number of No Deal backers are still celebrating the increased likelihood of Britain leaving the EU without a trade deal. “I feel like the last four years have been one long victory lap,” said Brexit spokesman Thomas Barrett. “I certainly don’t see this good feeling ending any time soon.”

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