Congress excited to be doing first ever re-run

Members of Congress have excitably told The Lampoon that they are delighted to be going ahead with the US legislature’s first ever re-run. This follows confirmation that Trump has become the first president in US history to be impeached as many times as he has disappointing adult sons.

“I’m told by my grandson that re-runs don’t really happen anymore because of Nets-Flicks,” one Congressman explained. “So it’s a pleasure to be bringing it back for a modern generation.”

“It’s one of our many gifts for today’s youth, like the death of the planet, or income inequality. My grandson also said something about gun control, but I stopped listening.”

Mitch McConnell also briefly spoke to our reporter, until she was able to get the pepper spray out of her bag. He then oozed out of this dimension to return to his home world. The physically taxing nature of this method of travel is thought to be the reason why he looks like a demented snot bubble.

A Senator told The Lampoon “After the year we just had, we were running out of options for how to make things more surreal.” “What else were we gonna do? Stimulus cheques?”

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