Outrage as The Times just publish the time

British broadsheet newspaper The Times has found itself in hot water as the pages in the edition published on 6th February 2021 only consisted of the time. The front cover of the famous newspaper simply featured “02:37” in plain block black text which has angered many long time readers.

Sheila Dunningham from Royal Leamington Spa was “devastated” that she wasn’t able to get her daily picture of “Dishy Rishi” but admitted she “liked” that each page featured the times of famous capital cities. “That was a nice touch” she commented, before blabbering on about her grandfather’s globetrotting adventures. (I didn’t ask)

However, most readers found no redeeming factors in the change in format. David Frobisher, a retired lorry driver from Kent, was angry that the time “doesn’t change.” Mr Frobisher recounted his frustrations to The Toon Lampoon. “I was staring at it all day and it just stayed there. It didn’t move! It’s in a 24-hour format as well so it wasn’t even correct at 2:37 this afternoon!”

In Bolsover, Jacqui Sanderson took umbrage with today’s issues “insistence to fill its pages with the times of other nations.” She believes that The Times is a “British paper,” and doesn’t understand why we should worry about the “foreign times we’re being demanded to take interest in.”

Despite disagreements over todays issue, readers of The Times are waiting with bated breath to see what the newspaper will publish tomorrow. Will it return to its original format? Or will the country be treated to a brand new time plastered across the pages of the long-running British institution?

Image: BBC News (UK) on Twitter

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