Agric lad nervously leaves flowers and chocolate on doorstep of Soho

An agric lad has been spotted nervously leaving a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates on the doorsteps of Soho.

He agreed to talk about the grand gesture with The Toon Lampoon’s romance reporter, which is an oxymoron if ever there was one.

He explained “Soho and I are meant for each other: it also has terrible hygiene. What better day to declare my true feelings?”

“I’m incomplete without Soho, and by that I mean it’s where I kissed goodbye most of my liver. There’s also probably a fair amount of my septum in the bathroom.”

The Lampoon understands that the agric student was so nervous that he initially considered calling the whole thing off. He then planned to give his gifts to another agric student to do it for him.

It was then agreed that temporarily handing his friend flowers – who he had seen naked and whose bare arse he had slapped on multiple nights out – would be gay.

Featured Image: Time Out

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