Russian bots DDoS attack NUSU servers in order to stop Metro Kieran

Breaking news as Newcastle University Students Unions website goes down mere hours before the deadline for voting in highly suspicious circumstances with the battle for the role of Commuting Students’ Officer finding itself at the centre of this story.

From our expertly conducted exit polls, it appears that the recent rise in popularity of the social media RON (Re-open nominations) campaign against Metro Kieran has translated into dedicated students turning out in their numbers. This seemed to have pushed RON ahead by a slim margin.

However, our experts were predicting a rise in last-minute votes for Metro Kieran. These late votes mostly coming from his partially invested close friends who haven’t voted yet and last-minute voters who haven’t read manifestos but after seeing only one person running for a role, will vote them in.

In order to stop these last-minute voters and sway the election, insider reports suggest Russian bots are behind the DDoS attacks on NUSU’s servers. This signifies yet another instance of elections being influenced by other countries to pervert democracy.

This comes after Metro Kieran’s latest Facebook update where he accuses the RON campaign of being a ‘guerrilla Russian-made troll propaganda campaign.’ If Metro Kieran is right, then it would make sense the people behind the RON campaign are also behind this cyber-attack. However, here at The Toon Lampoon we are devoted to being completely unbiased and truthful, so we instead propose that the RON campaign is run by NFL superstar Tom Brady who is bored after winning yet another Super Bowl.  

We reached out to Metro Kieran for comment who has confirmed there has been two separate DDoS attacks on the NUSU website. He claims ‘these last-minute efforts are a clear attempt at gerrymandering the votes in favour of the preferred candidates that would keep the systemic bias lurking under the surface of NUSU’. He is also worried about the reports of Russian involvement and believes a full investigation should take place to see if there are any links between the RON campaign and Russian oligarchs.

NUSU has extended the deadline for voting now to 4 pm in order to stop any undemocratic swaying in this election giving you all an opportunity to keep voting. We eagerly await the results.

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