Man immediately admitted to Mensa after asking when international men’s day is

A local man has been admitted to Mensa and offered a position at the Harvard philosophy faculty for asking when international men’s day is. Guinness World Records has also contacted him to congratulate him for having the world’s funniest Twitter account.

Laurence Fox and Piers Morgan have congratulated him on the social media platform where they complain about censorship to their hundreds of thousands of followers.

“Brilliant, brilliant,” Ricky Gervais tweeted. “Where some people would use Google, this local hero uses his entire timeline as his own personal search engine.”

Speaking to The Lampoon, a senior professor in anthropology explained “we’ve been trying to eradicate sexism for decades with feminist, queer and critical race theory, but turns out Steve from Hounslow had the solution the whole time.”

“I’ll just piss off I guess.”

“This is such a good feeling,” Steve told The Lampoon. “If this high wears off, I might have to do some real activism.”

Meanwhile, the editorial and writing staff at The Lampoon would like to wish a very happy birthday to women.

Featured Image: Jonas Kakaroto on Unsplash

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