Local man’s 20-minute anti-vax YouTube video nominated for Nobel Prize in Medicine

A Newcastle upon Tyne resident today confirmed that his nomination for the Nobel Prize in Medicine had been sent to the relevant committee regarding his 20-minute video thesis: “Why the Vacxination and Covid is a HOAX”.

“It was a great pleasure to be nominated,” Ryan Thompson, 23, told our reporter, “but hardly surprising.”

“I mean, since I began this great work, which is to say since last Thursday, what’s been truly surprising is the inability of the rest of the world to see what, to me, is readily apparent.”

”And,” Thompson added, “while I enjoy finally gaining the recognition that I’ve sought for my work for over four days, it has come at the cost of having to confront the willing, perhaps even self-imposed blindness of my fellow man to what is clearly the most unreasonable outrage of this epoch.”

Thompson credits his nomination to “doing his own research” and “educating himself”. His primary mode of research, according to the Nobel Prize Nominee, is the sampling and rigorous analysis of the work of his contemporaries. Most of this work is freely available on the popular website youtube.com.

“Nobody deserves this more than Ryan,” fellow researcher kekistan1488 told our reporter. “He’s well-known in this sphere for his conscientious and enlightening feedback on all of our work, such as in my latest video, when he said that my vision of a pure-white Europe and North America made him, and I quote, ‘hard right to the tip’.”

Thompson’s talents are not only reserved for the disciplines of biochemical science and sociology. The young researcher has also achieved acclaim for his recent services to literature in the form of his magnum opus. The literary work, “GET OUT OF MY FUCKING TOWN” has been described as a landmark moment in the history of race relations and can still be viewed in its entirety on the side of Newcastle University’s Northern Stage.

Thompson concluded the interview by saying that he looked forward to the ceremony, which he hoped he would be able to make time for in between his regular shifts at a local care home.

Featured Image: Brent Terhune on YouTube

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