“Toon Lampoon not institutionally or systemically unfunny”, finds report by Toon Lampoon

A report has found that seminal satire publication and money laundering racquet The Toon Lampoon is not structurally unfunny. The report was commissioned by the landmark humour site and wire fraud hotspot, The Toon Lampoon.

This follows accusations from several groups that The Lampoon suffers from a profound, deep-seated issue of being unfunny. These groups will no doubt rejoice now that Lampoon editors have the necessary ammunition to tell them in a slow, patronising voice that they’re wrong.

“I’m delighted,” the spokesperson of one group told our reporter. “I’m really looking forward to the next few days of people telling me all about my own lived experience.”

As well as being accused of being unfunny, The Lampoon has also previously fielded allegations of journalistic integrity. This is, of course, nothing less than libel.

The Lampoon will take anyone to court who repeats this defamation – as it takes legal matters seriously – as soon as our lawyers is released on bail.

Featured Image: Érik González Guerrero on Unsplash

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