NHS appeal to over 50s by printing guidelines as inspirational Peaky Blinders quotes

The NHS has today unveiled its strategy to appeal to over 50s, namely by printing official guidelines as an inspirational quote over a picture from Peaky Blinders. Some examples have been seen by The Lampoon, after we stole them from a bus shelter.

From today, boomers will be reminded by Tommy Shelby that he’s a relaxed kind of guy, until he sees you not wearing a mask. Boomers will also be reminded that winners never quit, and quitters never adhere to the rule of six.

A spokesperson from the NHS said “We needed something that got shared around on boomer Facebook groups, but it’s difficult. They tend to go in for quite dull stuff, like potholes, or far right conspiracy theories.”

“It was either this or a cartoon of a skull telling the reader to ‘Listen up, liberal’. It was suggested we could just get through to the British public with common sense, and we came up with this idea when we stopped laughing.”

Featured image: tofoli.douglas on Flickr, edited by Joe Molander

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