“The media bullies people,” says dumb nerd

Every single news outlet has been accused of having a bullying problem, by some dumb little pissbaby nerd.

“The digital and print press is entirely out of control, and completely immature,” the loser said, presumably before going home to cry to his momma.

The person making the accusations wishes to remain anonymous, out of bizarre concerns that they may be subject to ridicule.

Meanwhile, the press has hit back at the allegations.

“Of course we’re not bullies,” a representative for Rupert Murdoch told our reporter, while flushing their head down the toilet. “Bullying is for children, and sometimes members of Cabinet.”

The representative continued “Mr. Murdoch would never bully anyone, unless they really deserved it.”

“That’s because his newspapers only go after the powerful in society, like single mums and refugees.”

The accusations also focus on the idea that the media are corrupt, which our editors denied wholeheartedly whilst at the Prime Minister’s yacht party.

Featured image: Verywell Family

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