Environment, sponsored by BP Oil

The environment. We all live in it. And we all have a role to play in exploiting it.

We at BP Oil are committed to setting the record straight, and breaking down “climate change” myths pushed by greedy people with liberal agendas. It’s a scientific fact that trees need carbon dioxide! We’re committed to supplying it to them, so our trees and profit margins can flourish.

Disclaimer: We are not actually sponsored by BP Oil. BP, if you’re reading, our morals are very much flexible enough for us to be open it

Opinion: fuck it, you’ve done enough to stop climate change

What’s that? Just going to sit back and put your feet up for a little while? Sure. That’s fine. I mean, look at all you’ve done to stop the nigh-inevitable destruction of the human race due to man-made climate change. Look at that recycling bin. Go on, look at it. You did that. That’s your

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NAMBLA “didn’t realise it was freaking everyone out quite so much”

A spokesperson for the North American Man/Boy Love Association has said that the organisation “had no idea that everyone was going to so completely lose their shit over what we were doing.” “If people were really so uncomfortable with what our organisation represents and fights for, they should have just said,” the spokesperson told The

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Democrats face “uphill struggle” with giant abortion ray amendment to infrastructure bill

The challenges faced by Democratic Senators continue this week, as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has signalled his party’s intention to vote down the upcoming Infrastructure bill, following an amendment that would see 6% of taxes funnelled towards the construction of a giant abortion ray. “We consider the cost of the creation, operation, and maintenance

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