Satirists give up

Satirists on either side of the Atlantic were today heard letting out a collective sigh, before they decided to completely pack it in. The news follows the false rumour that Kayne West was cheating on Kim Kardashian West with Jeffree Star, and the storming of Congress by fascists.

The Toon Lampoon plans to shut its doors as soon as it can afford some. We expect the news will be devastating for both our readers.

“We’re this far through the looking glass that actual news coverage refusing to call the Congress occupiers fascists, terrorists or white supremacists is the satire,” one satirist told our reporter whilst clearing her desk.

The Lampoon would like to clarify that it believes it is dangerous to call the pro-Trump Congress occupiers fascists, terrorists or white supremacists. We believe it is far more factual to describe them as all three.

“I’ve jacked it in,” a writer for The Hard Times said. “How could we have foreseen this thing we’ve only had four years to prepare for?”

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